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Releases - Filou-MusicFilou-Music


Filou-Music10 ///

„The Circle EP“ by m.i.c.r.o. / Filou-Music 10
We will end 2016 with the Berlin based producer m.i.c.r.o. who delivers his two track EP ‚The Circle‘ on Filou-Music. The first track ‚Feel It‘ is a deep, atmospheric piece of techno -perfect to heat up the club for the peak-time. The release is completed by a driving, percussive track named ‚The Circle‘. No more words to say – enjoy!

Helmut Erler, Dubplates & Mastering Berlin

Filou-Music09 ///

„Helio EP“ by Beachman / Filou-Music 09

After a small break we are happy to wellcome a new artist on Filou-Music. Beachman from Barcelona releases three tracks on his Helio EP, which perfectly matches the season. The first track ‚Atmosphere‘ is a deep and melodic piece of techno, that brings the last summer one more time back to your mind. On the other hand there are ‚Rage Bass‘ and ‚Ruatinim Shoot‘, two rolling techno weapons, which will provide just the right heat for the upcoming winter. So have a listen to Filou-Music’s number nine – Enjoy!

Helmut Erler, Dubplates & Mastering Berlin

Filou-Music08 ///

‚Vivet‘ by S.Sic & Sinisa Lukic / Filou-Music 08

Alright here comes Filou-Music’s 8th release called Vivet. With Sinisa Lukic, who runs since 2008 his own label Kaseta Music in Bosnia and Herzegovina, we’ve gained a new interesting artist for our label. He remixed S.Sic’s Track Drunter from our WirrWarr EP and the result is a dry tech-house track which is made for the peaktime. The second player in the game this time is Filou-Music’s Labelhead S.Sic, who delivers a new deep, rolling technotrack called Another Dude.
As usual we don’t want to make too many words…so have a listen for yourself and enjoy!

Helmut Erler, Dubplates & Mastering Berlin


Filou-Music07 ///

Acht Winter by coan

We are happy to welcome two good old friends – the producerteam coan on Filou-Music – a collaboration between Baeks and Henkins Hain.
We know Baeks as he was a mentor of the Headquarters at the old Tresor club and Henkins Hain who already impressed us two years ago with his track ‚Fieber‘ on our label.
With the release ‚Acht Winter‘ they deliver four tracks ranging from impellent beats and atmospheric breaks to broken melodys with splendid twisted sounds, everything is in here. Very nice are the dark and spooky vocals that erd: contributed to the track ‚Mein Herz‘.
In contrast to their last release ‚acht Sommer‘ on photo-verlag coan now celebrates the winter with danceable Techno, that contains some surprises and fits best on the floor and for workout.
We could say much more about this EP, but have a listen for yourself – enjoy!

Mastering: Helmut Erler, Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin
Support: www.photo-verlag.com/

Filou-Music06 ///

Es ist nun endlich wieder so weit und wir haben ein neues Release für euch. Diesmal bekamen wir Besuch aus Köln. Es ist uns eine Freude Ihn nun mit an Bord zu haben. Wir sprechen hier von keinem Geringeren als Courtis. Er ist schon seit vielen Jahren umtriebig und sicher kein unbeschriebenes Blatt mehr. „Stillstand“ dieses Wort kommt in seinem Wortschatz sicher nicht vor, denn er betreibt nicht nur eigene Veranstaltungen in Köln, nein er ist auch Label-Inhaber von Delikt. Also wenn das kein Zuwachs für unser Label ist, dann wissen wir es auch nicht mehr. Aber wir wollen nicht zu viel schwafeln, hört es einfach selbst. In diesem Sinne, der Herbst kann kommen.

Filou-Music05 ///

Filou-Music04 ///

Here we are again ! Filou-Music releases Ep number 4 called ‚Impact‘ on July 8th 2014. This time we welcome Kenny Mitchell aka Javier Jones with his new track ‚Again & Again‘ on our label. Over 25 years ago he started his career as a dj and producer in Brooklyn NY and traveled since that time all over the world to play his gigs. Beside productions on Vicious Music Records, Groovebirds Records, It_Tizz Recordings he released two years ago his first remix for Alex Niggemann on the well known label Poker Flat Recordings.
Furthermore Micha Stahl from Filou-Music comes along with his newest track ‚Yucatán‘.
Enjoy !

Filou-Music03 ///

Filou-Music02 ///

With ‚Five To Twelve‘ Filou-Music from Berlin is starting into the next round. We are pleased to present you a new and very talented artist named Henkins Hain , who will provide some more surprises on our label in the near future. Furthermore the label heads S.Sic & Micha Stahl are coming along with two fresh tech-house tracks. So here is a varied, colorful mix of our individual styles.
Get this ep up from 17. december 2013 on Beatport and later on I-Tunes, Amazon….
Enjoy !!!

Filou-Music01 ///

Die Berliner DJ’s S.Sic und Micha Stahl starten mit ‚First One‘ das erste Release auf ihrem Label Filou-Music. Die drei Tracks, welche hauptsächlich für die Tanzfläche gemacht sind, bieten eine Mischung aus treibendem Tech-House, schrägen Flächen, einigen Detroit-Elementen… S.Sic’s ‚Elbflut‘ und Micha Stahl’s ‚Los!‘, werden zweifellos mitreißen. Mit ‚Neue Runde‘ ergänzt S.Sic die ‚First One EP‘ mit einem atmosphärisch dichten Track, der seine Wirkung nicht verfehlen wird.
Man darf schon sehr auf die kommenden Veröffentlichungen auf Filou-Music gespannt sein, die in Abständen von 2 Monaten erscheinen werden.

The Berlin-DJ’s S.Sic and Micha Stahl are starting with ‚First One‘ the first release on their own label Filou-Music. All three tracks which were made for the Dancefloor are a mix between straight Tech House, weird sounds and a few Detroit Elements… No doubt, S.Sic’s ‚Elbflut‘ and Micha Stahl’s ‚Los!‘, will hit he crowd. S.Sic completes the ‚First One EP‘ with ‚Neue Runde‘. Deep and dark sounds are dominating this track, which will not fail it’s desired effect.
This first release makes curious for more. So watch out for the upcoming releases every two months on Filou-Music.


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